Borderless Business – Talks, discussions about redefining the future of work.


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Speakers from Top blogger Ms. Trisha, Mike WorkingHub space founder and Aaron Sarma Touristly founder

These top entrepreneurs has been paving the wave in their industry that illustrates their quest that called “Borderless Business”.  They had been successfully growing their crafts in a sustainable fashionable manner with no limitation in their workplace in different location cross borders. These people often called themselves as Digital Nomads, As Nomads does they have no permanent address or location to work for and instead they continue to work as they move and jump in different cities or places where they enjoyed.

One of the caveat on this sharing was to find your purpose, you love you do. Be authentic and honest to be yourself what is pushing you in this direction.

The future of work in a remote workplace is inevitable. The freedom of working in your comfort zone is vastly capturing the new culture of work. To become successful on this, you have to leverage all the right ingredients to  learn, to work harder, find the right of connections and support as well.


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